All Mothers Make Mistakes | My take

So today was a biiig day for me, my horse Montana , foaled ! And its also a baby girl and looks exactly like her mother! It is honestly such an amazing thing to see , and the love she automatically has for this little foal , it’s exactly like us ! 🐴

Watching these two , at one moment Montana stepped on the foal’s foot by accident , scared the hell out of her and the foal and moved it , and licked her to make sure shes okay . Then it hit me ;

This horse labored for hours, shes tired, she hasn’t even had the time to have a sip of water or rest, hasn’t even taken the time to clean herself up , and she made the mistake of stepping on her little ones feet .

Sound familiar ? (Okay well maybe you haven’t stepped on your baby’s feet yet) but still , we all make mistakes , some we do in private and never speak of again ; I myself have bumped my baby’s head because I wasn’t concentrating and scratched her because I was trying to be quick , we are not perfect , and isn’t it a comfort to know that even in nature thats okay ?

Its okay not to be perfect all the time 👌🏻🐴

Pic of the new little foal !

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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

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