Why having a baby is such hard work

I know we hear it a lot from moms out there – “babies are hard work” !

Well they were right ! 🙈 Being a first time mom you don’t really realize how much of your time a child would take , and its not just the attention (which to me is the best part) but your other chores.

My whole day revolves around getting my baby to nap and eat at the right time ! Routine in this matter sucks ha ha it leaves no room for spontaneity or unplanned events .

In between these naps (which are sometimes only half an hour) I need to get to work (luckily we live on the same property as our lodge) and wash and make myself presentable and cook breakfast and dinner and make food for my baby and wash and sterilize bottles and and and and … there just never seem to be enough hours in the day to get to Everything!

That whole thing about “sleep when the baby sleeps” only works when you have a newborn, this type of sympathy disappears very quickly as your baby gets older and you become less emotional (admit it, we were all a wreck those first few days at home).

At the end of the day , you just got to keep on keeping on, there is no down time, nor do you get to quit because you do not feel well or you are having a bad day, motherhood builds character like no other situation in life, you learn selflessness in its purest form, and a type of love that no words can describe.

What an honor to be called mama !


Full time Mommy

I find myself conflicted about being a mother sometimes , on the one hand I am so happy to stay home with my smoo , and on the other I wish I could go back to work or pursue my psychology career .

The lodge I manage is a mere 100 or so meters from our home , so I am lucky enough to be able to do both , or am I ?

Like today for example; I went there , ready to work and it gets busy , which I LOVE ! I love being busy, and then , paige starts crying so I have to leave .

For the first time since she was born I wished I had a nanny just to take a break !

In our area though , because its a rural village there is no daycare … so I will be looking after her until she goes to school and I cant help but feel that I am missing out on so much …

Don’t get me wrong , I am so blessed to have her and I adore her , and I wouldn’t trade her for ANYTHING , but I am still only human at the end of the day !

Have any of you gone through this ?