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I cant speak for everyone , but while i was pregnant people gave me so so so much unsolicited advice , it felt like i could explode !

Im a very stubborn independent women haha so this was very difficult for me ( and the raging hormones did not help)

Some of it was nice and helpful and others was just plain crazy , like ;

“You must sleep now , because you wont get time once the baby is here” – firstly , it was my first baby so this didn’t really sink in for me , and i was just so stressed and excited that resting was just impossible.

“You must co sleep , you must breastfeed , you must use these nappies , you must give your baby water to sleep trough , you must you must you must ” the list goes on and on , and quite frankly , this is so overwhelming for a new mother because every single person has a different opinion on a topic.

My view on this is do what works for you and your baby , and do this unapologetically ! Every baby is so so different and so is the mom , dont do it because you feel everyone else is so therefore you must as well , follow that powerful gut instinct to the very end 👌🏻

Most important is have a few mom friends (or in my case one haha) who’s opinions and views you trust , just so that you dont feel too alone through all this !

Till next time