You Are Spoiling Your Baby

So I am sure I am not the only one who has a grandmother in law that yells “you are spoiling her” whenever she sees my husband pushing Paige in the pram to sleep …. 🤣

In all honesty though this makes me so mad , for so many reasons; first , at this stage I will do WHATEVER it takes to get her to sleep, whether that means I must stand on my head humming a lullaby , so be it !

Second of all , I don’t believe that I can shower my baby with too much of anything quite frankly , she is only starting to see all the colors now , I mean , she does not understand why I am leaving her when she cries or why I don’t want to console her . Just thinking about this breaks my heart .

I will most probably be the strict parent between me and my husband , but at the appropriate age where she can learn right from wrong and understand consequences.

I honestly think this “spoiling ” thing is from the older generation , they all say and do it ….

At the end of the day , I would just prefer people disagreeing with my parenting in private , to their friends and husbands behind my back, like normal people 🤣

Cause quite frankly , its none of your business !


Home is Where the Heart is ..

In my first post i gave a little background on myself and where we live , for those of you who missed it – i live in a rural village called Ganyesa in North West South Africa. 🇿🇦

We are about an hour and a half from the Botswana border and about 5 hours from Johannesburg, our closest town is Vryburg , about 70 kms away .

This town however has been overtaken by crime in the last year , which is really getting to me , Paige and I cant quickly go to town to get something or just go do some retail therapy , because its just too unsafe for us to go 🙈

Not being able to have a coffee with a friend or get out the house with Paige a little bit is what has really been getting me down , feel like im having cabin fever 🤒🤣

This has been a huge adjustment, and some days I still struggle to live here in the middle of nowhere. But it sure does have a lot of positives !

I get to see such a beautiful side of our Country – The Kalahari , and I get to stay home with my little one and see her grow up !

Are any of you in a new town or a new area ? Or even a remote one like me ?

Let me know ! 😜