In a World Where Everyone is Over Exposed , The Coolest Thing You Can Do Is Remain a Mystery

For those of you who have been following my blog , you know by now that I just love bragging with pictures of my beautiful baby girl.

I have since removed all images of her , the reason for this is just that in South Africa, child trafficking has become such a big issue here , and they tend to target people on social media platforms , it is so intense to have to think of these things , but unfortunately it is a reality , and not just in South Africa , all over the world .

I feel so sad that we live in a world where you have to be so careful what you share on the internet .

Keep your babies safe 💜


Lets Have That Food Talk …

Solids , am I right !?

The internet is the devil , and so are mom groups and all parenting books out there ! 🤪

It all is just so confusing , the one site contradicts the other one , they one book says this , the other one says the EXACT opposite , the one mom says solids before 6 months , the other one says hell no ! 🤣

I am almost scared to post a question on one of these groups , because I know it will be flooded with comments and all being different , as a first time mom this is just a nightmare , and makes you even more stressed than you were before the post !

My baby girl is 4 months old now , and I am a first time mom , and the whole “follow your instincts ” thing only goes so far if its your first baby (well for me anyway)My experience so far is to make a mom friend , either a new mom just like you (which in my case helped because we had the same anxiety over the same things and you don’t feel so alone) or an experienced one who’s opinions and advice you trust

One thing I must say is that moms everywhere are so eager to help , it has been an amazing experience so far !

So whether you fed your baby for the fist time at 4 months or 6 months , or dis co sleeping, breastfed or bottle fed your baby , as long as he/she is still alive and mostly happy I would say well done ! Being a mom is hard !Angelique