The importance of your child’s happiness

Seeing my child smile is the only thing in the world that can turn the worst day right around ! She is always on my mind, even when I am thinking about something else, she is still somehow in the back of my mind, always there.

Granted, I am a stay at home mom, but I honestly believe that most if not all moms feel like this, being a mother becomes you ! In the greatest sense, it becomes the most important role in your life, overnight everything changes, for the better.

Lets face it, most days (especially if you have a toddler) you don’t necessarily reap the rewards of all your hard work, with the tantrums and the teething it can become quite easy to start blaming yourself for your child’s current mood.

I for one feel like I am not doing a good job if my baby does not have a constant smile on her face, which is utterly ridiculous. Being a toddler must be so hard, you have to master this great big world in front of you, and all you want to do is explore and figure things out for yourself, but there is this big grown up around every corner trying to stop you haha, must be frustrating right? Although watching every move they make is necessary, keep in mind that they are well, “easily upset” at this age haha, and their constant bursting into tears, is not a reflection of your parenting in any way.

But every now and then, you get those rare, but worth the wait days, and your child smiles, eats and sleeps and the day is so rewarding, you even get a few giggles out of it. These are the days when you feel like you are winning at life, your child is happy ! And all the rest just fades away and you would do it all over again (careful of these moments, because it was in one of these that we decided to get pregnant again) haha.

They just are worth all the sacrifices aren’t they!?

There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Seeing Your Child Smile

A smile from your child is just validation to us that we are not doing too bad !

It means the world when you are down or doubting yourself as a mother , and I know I am not alone , we all feel like we are failing at one point or another .

As our children go through different phases , it brings new challenges with it every time , for me , as a first time mom , every time something new happens , I go , what the hell ? 🤣

Just when you think you got this whole thing down , and you got your routine and your baby is such a dream , boom 💥 growth spurt in your face and everything goes to %#^* ! LOL

Being a mom is honestly the most amazing thing ever , you kind of grow up with your baby , you mature as time goes by because you have to be the strong one , you cant afford to have mood-swings every now and then because your baby feels it (don’t get me wrong , I am only human and I still get pms) but you somehow push it aside and go on with life , because well, you have to , you have a tiny human that depends on you and that deserves to be protected against the outside world for as long as possible !