Life is but an adventure !

So we are on our first family holiday at the beautiful Sun City in South Africa!

It has been amazing so far , getting to take her on walks and showing her things; she is at this adorable age where she is interested in everything and just takes in so much , and we have been enjoying every minute with her !

Although traveling with a baby is so intense , we have a self catering place , and the packing , oh my word ! I know I am not alone here , but jeepers the amount of stuff you take to make your stay comfortable is insane ! And then once you start unpacking you realize that you forgot half of it ! 🤣🙈

Lets hope by the second baby I will get the hang of this packing thing !

We are just so privileged to be able to take her on a holiday with us at such a young age (4 months) she travels well , she loves to go out and about and she even naps at restaurants, my theory is that she also feeds off of us , she realizes that we are relaxed !

Heres to many more holidays as a family !