Set A Guard Over Your Mouth …

This to me is the most important thing in life ! And in any type of relationship , whether it be you and your husband in a fight or you and the stranger you met in the supermarket ! Actually , especially strangers , or people that you are not so close to !

The reason I say this is because people that don’t know you well don’t know how you mean the things you say , you mights say to the woman in the supermarket “wow your baby is so chunky” – meaning that you think it is the cutest thing under the sun , meanwhile that woman has struggled with weight all her life and is already scared that she is passing it on to her baby girl …..

That is just one example , I myself have carried things said to me by people that don’t even play a big part in my life , and because of that , I never say anything that can be taken out of context to anyone I cant explain myself to afterward !

And I think we should all do this , especially with new mothers , the hormones are flying high, the stress , the lack of sleep , it just is such an emotional time , and we should all remember that , and apply it in all areas of our lives !

Be Kind


Mind Your Own Womb 👌🏻

Oh my word people are so full of #*% when it comes to raising children !! I never realized there’s this whole new world out there once you become a mother !

Every mother knows what’s best for all babies all of the sudden , very few people out there are open minded , although I must say that the younger generations seem to be even worse than the older ones , I used to think that the older generations (our grandparents) are full of it , because they believe in things such as letting your baby cry themselves to sleep and early solids and what not .

But there has been some sort of shift in this generation with moms , social media and the internet , information is so readily available and on the one hand its amazing because you can find an answer to almost anything and I mean it , type in any question about your baby into google and a suggestion will pop up , showing you that you are not the only paranoid mom out there 😆

But it has also paved the way to confusion , so many contradictions on when your baby must sleep and why and where , and the list just goes on and on !

People are much more vocalized in this day and age , and instead of us just doing what works for our baby and for our families and circumstances, we feel this pressure from society to do it THEIR way …..

So from now on , I am staying off the internet (well for the most part 🤣) and letting my motherly instinct take over !


I Can See My Feet ||

This might sound odd , but yes I can see my feet again , and not only that , they also now fit into shoes !! Yay

I know some women can relate , I was so so so big during my pregnancy , but I mean HUGE ! Everything hurt 🤣

We had a summer straight outa hell when I was about 7 months pregnant , I mean 43 degrees …. it was insane !!! Thinking back now I still cringe at the thought !

We have a pool , but no bathing suit in the world felt right , pinched me everywhere and we have staff that walks around and stuff so underwear wasn’t an option (although I considered it a few times) !

My feet got so so swollen , I was very lucky that I didn’t have hight blood pressure during my pregnancy , but I carried so so much water and was swollen EVERYWHERE 🙈

In the end walking even started to become difficult, 39 weeks just couldn’t come soon enough , and the relief when they pulled het out was AMAZING !

This process made me realize that I will never be pregnant in summer again ! Haha , so my husband and I decided that the next baby will have to be during winter because I wont survive another summer here pregnant 🙈🤫

Time will tell


No Woman Has Ever Calmed Down By Being Told To Calm Down

I mean , where have you ever !? 🤣

Please tell me that I am not the only one having these fights ? Those ones that start out disguised as your typical marriage fight and then the words “just calm down” or “its not that bad just calm down” are uttered and suddenly its a whole new ballgame 🙈

But all jokes aside , marriage is HARD people , haha , my husband and I live on the same property as our business , which means we see each other all the time , and its great to have him help with Paige during the day sometimes !

BUT , you can only imagine how much time this gives us to get in each others business and how much time this gives us to pick fights with each other 🤣

And then , when he does go away for a week to go hunting or something , it sucks to be here all alone and not have family or friends nearby , you just cant win ! Haha

When we do move , it will be a hell of an adjustment to not see each other during the day , but I also believe it will do us some good , in so many ways , we each will have our own careers and get to share that at the end of the day , we get to miss each other a little bit you know !?

ps. I am sitting here in Paige’s room writing as she is staring at me from her cot …. sleeping still not going according to plan if anyone was wondering 🤣😫🤫


Freedom | Alone At Long Last

So yesterday I left my baby with my mother in law and my husband , and went to town to do my nails and get a few things for the house all by myself for the very first time.

All I can say is WOW ! Although it was quite sad and made me nervous to leave her , it did me the world of good to be by-myself a little bit .

I realized that it really is a necessity to take a break , we live in a rural area and babysitting (unless it is in laws) is not an option , although I am very blessed to be able to look after my baby myself , it does get to me to not do anything else and to not see other adults .

I had a nice few hours in town , and when I came back I could handle her teething and everything else , and it made me so jealous of other moms that get to work , even half day , I do go into the lodge everyday , but I take her with , and only spend about an hour there before she lets me know its time to leave 🙈

Thats why I think these little breaks are so important – absence makes the heart grow fonder , just a little reboot so to speak , just so you can appreciate everything again !

Heres to many more little breaks 🎉