Mind Your Own Womb 👌🏻

Oh my word people are so full of #*% when it comes to raising children !! I never realized there’s this whole new world out there once you become a mother !

Every mother knows what’s best for all babies all of the sudden , very few people out there are open minded , although I must say that the younger generations seem to be even worse than the older ones , I used to think that the older generations (our grandparents) are full of it , because they believe in things such as letting your baby cry themselves to sleep and early solids and what not .

But there has been some sort of shift in this generation with moms , social media and the internet , information is so readily available and on the one hand its amazing because you can find an answer to almost anything and I mean it , type in any question about your baby into google and a suggestion will pop up , showing you that you are not the only paranoid mom out there 😆

But it has also paved the way to confusion , so many contradictions on when your baby must sleep and why and where , and the list just goes on and on !

People are much more vocalized in this day and age , and instead of us just doing what works for our baby and for our families and circumstances, we feel this pressure from society to do it THEIR way …..

So from now on , I am staying off the internet (well for the most part 🤣) and letting my motherly instinct take over !


You Are Spoiling Your Baby

So I am sure I am not the only one who has a grandmother in law that yells “you are spoiling her” whenever she sees my husband pushing Paige in the pram to sleep …. 🤣

In all honesty though this makes me so mad , for so many reasons; first , at this stage I will do WHATEVER it takes to get her to sleep, whether that means I must stand on my head humming a lullaby , so be it !

Second of all , I don’t believe that I can shower my baby with too much of anything quite frankly , she is only starting to see all the colors now , I mean , she does not understand why I am leaving her when she cries or why I don’t want to console her . Just thinking about this breaks my heart .

I will most probably be the strict parent between me and my husband , but at the appropriate age where she can learn right from wrong and understand consequences.

I honestly think this “spoiling ” thing is from the older generation , they all say and do it ….

At the end of the day , I would just prefer people disagreeing with my parenting in private , to their friends and husbands behind my back, like normal people 🤣

Cause quite frankly , its none of your business !