Timing is Everything ⌛️

Today I find myself thinking about time , and how it really does heal all wounds , in every way imaginable, yes we bear the scars and we change , but yet most of us persevere in the end !

About a year and a half ago we lost my stepdad to suicide , I though my family would never recover and my mom would never be the same again , I thought I would have to pick up all the pieces and put so much pressure on myself to bear my family’s sadness so that they would not feel it as much , look , this post is not about depression and suicide , but just the fact that we all go through unimaginable sadness at one point or another , and yet a year and a half later , we are all living our lives .

The same goes for motherhood, especially being a first time mom , it IS traumatizing, it is overwhelming when those hormones hit at day 4 , and you do think that you will never have your life back and you would never be able to handle this stress !

Yet , here we all are , babies are okay and we are stronger and better for all the pressure and stress we put on ourselves ! 💪🏻

And so the same goes for any other difficult time that we all go through …. it ALWAYS gets better with time !

My dad always said “The only way out is through”

So for those of you that are going through something in your life , hang in there ! It all passes ! ❤️


A Woman’s Body is an Amazing Thing

Let’s talk about pregnancy ….

Oh my word ! I know you get women that LOVE being pregnant and see it as this magical time in your life….

Well for me it was a bit different 🙈🤣

I had ; Nausea, headaches, heartburn, constipation, mood swings, irritation, weight gain, swelling, bladder infection, yeast infections, sore body , dehydration and landed up in the hospital, flu and the list goes on and on !

Although I do agree with the fact that it is a special time , I do believe that it is a kind of right of passage for a woman and it is all so so worth it in the end , it takes so much out your body !

In some ways my body is so different after giving birth , I had a c section so I have the well known belly flap , I cant hold my pee anymore ; it needs to happen RIGHT NOW 😂

But in other ways I am amazed at how well my body has recovered , the heartburn is gone , although the belly flap is still there it is already significantly smaller , I have no bladder issues anymore, my body feels healthy again (except the excessive hair loss at the moment) .

I find this fascinating , how your body can endure all that and only have little tell tails about it , yes I have stretch marks and my body looks a bit different, but I am healthy and I have a healthy little baby girl and thats all that matters ❤️

Thankful 🙏🏻💪🏻


All Mothers Make Mistakes | My take

So today was a biiig day for me, my horse Montana , foaled ! And its also a baby girl and looks exactly like her mother! It is honestly such an amazing thing to see , and the love she automatically has for this little foal , it’s exactly like us ! 🐴

Watching these two , at one moment Montana stepped on the foal’s foot by accident , scared the hell out of her and the foal and moved it , and licked her to make sure shes okay . Then it hit me ;

This horse labored for hours, shes tired, she hasn’t even had the time to have a sip of water or rest, hasn’t even taken the time to clean herself up , and she made the mistake of stepping on her little ones feet .

Sound familiar ? (Okay well maybe you haven’t stepped on your baby’s feet yet) but still , we all make mistakes , some we do in private and never speak of again ; I myself have bumped my baby’s head because I wasn’t concentrating and scratched her because I was trying to be quick , we are not perfect , and isn’t it a comfort to know that even in nature thats okay ?

Its okay not to be perfect all the time 👌🏻🐴

Pic of the new little foal !

The Most Expensive Thing About Parenting is The Wine 🍷

First off , parenting is HARD ! Don’t let anyone tell you different !

Taking the edge off every now and then is soooo needed , since my baby girl was born I have this urge to let loose and party all night long haha , I think its just my brain trying to rebel against the fact that I am now officially a grown up and on the wrong side of 20 .

That is why it is so important to me to “live it up” at night when she goes to bed , even if it is 18:30 on a Monday Night and it is only one glass of wine , it gives me the illusion of still getting to do what I want when I want 🤪

I told a friend who was over the other night “I can have fun and let loose , just quietly ” 🤣

But seriously , it is so important to take time for ourselves and do grown up things when having kids , you tend to feel like you don’t know who you are anymore if all you do is look after your baby the whole day (even tho it is amazing) !

So cheers 🍷

Ps. Although this post is during the day , I have not resorted to day drinking (yet)


Rocking The Mom Bod | Not

Lets get real for a second here , you get mothers that gain a minimal weight , and just look AMAZING a month after giving birth , and then you get mothers like ME …

I gained about 25-30 kg during my pregnancy …. its an insane amount of weight , looked like a baby elephant 🐘🤣🙈

And yes I have lost weight since then (4 and a half months post partum now) but not nearly where I would like to be ! I haven’t even gotten on a scale yet because I know it will just upset me , ignorance is bliss I say !

I know everyone always says you have to be proud of your body , because it went through so much , but I just am not , I don’t like the sagging belly thing that I now seem to have at the age of 27, I am not proud of the fact that my back gets sore now when I bend down too much in the day and I am not proud of the fact that I try to dress in the bathroom so that my husband doesn’t see me naked in the light 🙈🙈

It is insane what we all go through , and every mom experiences this is one way or another , your body is just so different after giving birth , but I must say , I am much stronger mentally and emotionally , I can multi task like a pro and handle so many more emotions all at once , and still somehow keep it together (or try to atleast) because I know there is this little princess that needs me to keep my shit together so to speak ! 💪🏻

I will just always try to better myself , and I refuse to believe that this is just the way my body is now , step by step , we will get there !

Pic of my beautiful little girl who is just so worth every roll of fat 🤣😘😍