I Can See My Feet ||

This might sound odd , but yes I can see my feet again , and not only that , they also now fit into shoes !! Yay

I know some women can relate , I was so so so big during my pregnancy , but I mean HUGE ! Everything hurt 🤣

We had a summer straight outa hell when I was about 7 months pregnant , I mean 43 degrees …. it was insane !!! Thinking back now I still cringe at the thought !

We have a pool , but no bathing suit in the world felt right , pinched me everywhere and we have staff that walks around and stuff so underwear wasn’t an option (although I considered it a few times) !

My feet got so so swollen , I was very lucky that I didn’t have hight blood pressure during my pregnancy , but I carried so so much water and was swollen EVERYWHERE 🙈

In the end walking even started to become difficult, 39 weeks just couldn’t come soon enough , and the relief when they pulled het out was AMAZING !

This process made me realize that I will never be pregnant in summer again ! Haha , so my husband and I decided that the next baby will have to be during winter because I wont survive another summer here pregnant 🙈🤫

Time will tell