Hard Days Are For Growth

Today I am just so emotional and emotionally drained .

My baby girl refused to nap today , she only had 3 20 minute naps in her pram , the WHOLE DAY ! And she is not even 5 months yet , when I put her in her bed she screamed uncontrollably!

Its heartbreaking to say the least , it touches my soul , there is just no other way to explain it , my hands have been sweating the whole day , I’ve cried 3 times already , and then my husband tells me I am uptight today (men right)

But seriously , how intense is this love ? I have always heard that when your child hurts , you hurt , but have never experienced it myself yet , until today that is , everything is just out of wack , I don’t feel like myself , I want to cry all the time !

But I know tomorrow will be better !

Thank goodness I have a blog so that I can offload on all you great listeners 🧡


The “easy” child

I absolutely hate it when someone comes here and says “ooo she just whines , she doesn’t cry”

Uh yes she does !! Yes okay , she doesn’t have colic and doesn’t cry for hours on end , but she has cried and screamed for what seemed to be hours and I didn’t know what was wrong .

I guess why this upsets me is that people make it sound like its so easy to be a first time mom just because she didn’t cry in the two hours that they were here !!

I have been up since 4:30 with her and I literally woke my husband to take over , because shes tired and rubbing her eyes and screaming ! My palms start sweating and then I start crying to , and this is something only moms would understand because I feel like a bad mom for not being able to console my baby !

I have been through heartbreak , I have lost people , and yet , THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD !

Rant over