You Are Spoiling Your Baby

So I am sure I am not the only one who has a grandmother in law that yells “you are spoiling her” whenever she sees my husband pushing Paige in the pram to sleep …. 🤣

In all honesty though this makes me so mad , for so many reasons; first , at this stage I will do WHATEVER it takes to get her to sleep, whether that means I must stand on my head humming a lullaby , so be it !

Second of all , I don’t believe that I can shower my baby with too much of anything quite frankly , she is only starting to see all the colors now , I mean , she does not understand why I am leaving her when she cries or why I don’t want to console her . Just thinking about this breaks my heart .

I will most probably be the strict parent between me and my husband , but at the appropriate age where she can learn right from wrong and understand consequences.

I honestly think this “spoiling ” thing is from the older generation , they all say and do it ….

At the end of the day , I would just prefer people disagreeing with my parenting in private , to their friends and husbands behind my back, like normal people 🤣

Cause quite frankly , its none of your business !


Cesarean Section | The ins and Outs 🙈

Today I want to share my experience with you guys , and give some pointers on what to expect !

Firstly I chose to have a c section , in South Africa you can do that , my reasons were the fact that I lived 3 hours from the nearest proper hospital , my sister wanted to be here for the birth and she lives in Australia , oh and I didn’t want to do natural labour ! The whole thing just scares me to death .

The scariest part for me was the whole being awake thing … I have been in for operations before so that part didnt scare me , needless to say I was not awake for these ! 🙈

Above me on the table were these huge lights and they reflected haha , so I could see EVERYTHING , it was one of those “I cant look away” scenarios!

The placing of the catheter….. oh my word , I have never been that naked in my life !! Lol

I started shivering so much that I couldnt speak … and I started freaking out a little , the moment and the whole experience just was too big at that moment , but they had amazing staff and everyone talked to me and calmed me down .

The moment Paige came out and they showed her to me …..

That moment made everything worthwhile, the being uncomfortable for 9 months , the weight gain , the countless bladder infections, the mood swings , the not drinking wine, the fights , all of it was worth it and my life changed forever !

The pain afterward was manageable , and the pain meds were awesome (since I only had panado for 9 months) haha .

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is so hectic and scary but oh so worth it !

I am inlove with my baby girl !

Ps. Pic of this amazing moment