Days where everything just seems to go wrong

I should rewrite this headline to “weeks where everything seems to go wrong”!

My week in a nutshell

I know I am not alone on this, this week has been the most intense in so many ways and its only Wednesday; we started of with having to make a unplanned trip to Johannesburg (which is 5 hours way by the way) in order to do bio-metrics for our trip to Australia soon, get there, only to hear that they only have an appointment for my husband and not our baby girl, long story short, we sorted it out after much effort!

We then had to stay over because the trip is just to far for our baby, and did another 500 km’s the next morning, got home to find out our water cooler had leaked in Paige’s room and the carpet was damaged, settled and then we heard that my horse’s foal had sadly passed away – this the day before her new owner was supposed to come and fetch the two of them.

All this in a matter of three very long days, and a baby in-between who is out of routine and teething!

One thing I have noticed is that when I am upset, she is upset, how crazy is that? Today I busted into tears while changing her nappy, and she immediately started crying too, I felt so bad that I stopped and so did she, we forget sometimes that our babies’ sense what we are feeling, or if we are stressed or having a bad day, they feed of us when they are this small.

I am exhausted to say the least, you know when one night’s good sleep does not even make you feel better? That is where I am at that point, so I thought I would write about it as this always help to work through issues and just to feel better, you know, put it all out there. Life just sometimes throws these weeks at us just to make sure we still got it – ha ha

Bouncing Back

Apparently, I do, it is amazing how resilient we all are, somehow the sun always manages to come up the next morning and you look at life with a little more positivism.

I always say that it is fine to have a breakdown or to feel down, own it, you are human, and you can’t always be strong, keeping emotions bottled up is so unhealthy for the mind and the soul. The most important thing is to always get up afterwards, brush yourself off and stare life dead in the eye, and smile!

I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many family and friends that are always willing to lend a hand (or an ear) in difficult situations.

My baby girl must know that her mama needs a break today because she is sleeping so well, and giving her mom a well-deserved break to write 😊



There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Seeing Your Child Smile

A smile from your child is just validation to us that we are not doing too bad !

It means the world when you are down or doubting yourself as a mother , and I know I am not alone , we all feel like we are failing at one point or another .

As our children go through different phases , it brings new challenges with it every time , for me , as a first time mom , every time something new happens , I go , what the hell ? 🤣

Just when you think you got this whole thing down , and you got your routine and your baby is such a dream , boom 💥 growth spurt in your face and everything goes to %#^* ! LOL

Being a mom is honestly the most amazing thing ever , you kind of grow up with your baby , you mature as time goes by because you have to be the strong one , you cant afford to have mood-swings every now and then because your baby feels it (don’t get me wrong , I am only human and I still get pms) but you somehow push it aside and go on with life , because well, you have to , you have a tiny human that depends on you and that deserves to be protected against the outside world for as long as possible !