Hugs And Kisses

I stuggle with affection, this is a very hard topic as it is somewhat personal.

I studied psychology and yet I cant tell you why i struggle be to affectionate towards my husband , or other people for that matter . And as luck would have it , I married someone who shows love through physical affection and needs it in return .

This has taught be a lot and I am much better than I used to be , but it is still hard sometimes , don’t get me wrong , I also like a hug every now and then , and a kiss and all the rest . I just don’t like the incessant hand holding and cuddling .

It honestly feels like I cant breathe when someone is in my personal space the whole time .

Weirdly enough I honestly struggled being pregnant , it felt like the baby was on top of me (which she was haha) but I got used to it and even ended up enjoying it towards the end (I don’t miss it though haha)

Since becoming a mother I have been feeling quite insecure about this, and I have been scared to pass it on to my child , I was scared that I don’t show enough affection towards her because I don’t know how much she would need to feel safe and secure and loved if that makes sense .

I now shower her with so much love and affection , just to be sure she has enough , haha , she will probably end up being the biggest mommies girl in the world ! 😍

I guess what I am trying to say is that we grow , we see and admit our shortcomings the older we get and work on them , changing is not seen as a negative thing but somewhat of a necessity to be a good mother .

My baby girl is only 15 weeks old and motherhood has changed me so much already , for the better ! 👌🏻

Ps. Picture of my baby girl ! I mean , how can you not cuddle that face ? 😜😘