Sleep Regression | What a Drag

Oh my word I don’t even know where to start haha .

Here I was thinking my baby is so easy compared to other babies I have heard about or seen , no colic, no feeding issues, she sleeps well, shes not cranky.

Then week 15 came hurling around the corner staring us dead in the eye.

Shes crying, cranky and clingy- what they call the three C’s , its crazy , my baby went from a good sleeper and such a happy baby to this …. Its really hard to not think its something you are doing wrong .

we have reverted to trying EVERYTHING we read haha ;

– blockout pitch dark room (no night light)

– Vicks Baby Rub to calm her

– Sleeping bag so she doesn’t kick the blankets off

– specific bath time routine as well as eating routine

– Avoiding too much stimulation before bedtime

– White Noise

– Lulla Dol

– Humidifier

– Lettig her Fuss a little bit before we go

– Tried to give her less dummy

– Tried to keep to a strict sleep schedule during the day

– Tried medicine

Haha and the list goes on and on , but we have come to realize that this too shall pass , I see it as a right of passage for all parents that go through this , it is like anything in life; you have to go through the bad times to appreciate the good times ❤️


Baby Sense

So in South Africa , a book was published called “baby sense”; this book basically discusses stimulation and overstimulation in babies and what not to do.

The book revolves around specific allowed awake times for each age , as well as the usual dark room, limited playtime, and the “put your baby to sleep drowsy but awake”.

Although this book has helped a lot with establishing sleep patterns , Paige is 4 months old now , and according to the book she is only allowed to stay awake for 90 minutes between naps.

HAHA …. that just does not work for her , she sometimes stays awake for 2 hours or only half an hour between naps , and I have tried EVERYTHING to try and stick to that 90 minutes .

This to me just proves once again that every baby is different and every mom is different, and what works for the one does not work for the other one .

This is especially confusing for new mothers , because we tend to take any advice where we can to prepare ourselves and when it doesn’t work; we immediately think that it must be us that is doing something wrong.

Don’t get me wrong , I still do everything I read and ask what other mothers did , but I guess what changed for me was that; if it didn’t work , I knew it wasn’t something I am doing wrong or that I am failing as a mother , my baby is just different 👌🏻

I find it amazing how mothers tend to stick together , you can go up to a mother in a supermarket and ask her something and she will just be so helpful and give advice freely ! I find this new community I am apart of amazing ! 💜

So to all the mommies out there struggling , keep on keeping on !