It Hurts me more than it hurts you 🙈

So today was injection day !

And oh my word , i swear it gets worse every time , i think im prepared and have creams and all handy and ready to go , and then she screams bloody murder without any end in sight …. its the WORST part of being a new mom so far !

My hands literally start sweating when she cries like this !

Being a mom has made me realize what it takes to be there for your child , and mine is not even 4 months old yet , so i still have to go through that first fall , the first heartbreak , the first day of school … and all that comes in between , and i already feel overwhelmed just thinking about all of it .

My mom and I dont have the best relationship , or should I say , not the one that I would have wanted , or want for me and my daughter , life happens and not everything is as black and white as what we would like , but being a mom I have realized how strong that “motherly instinct” is , i think of her ALL THE TIME ! I want her to be happy and comfortable l, I keep thinking “am I a good mother” …

I guess this is all just the beginning and I am so ready for what motherhood will have in store for me 💜


Opinions Opinions Opinions

I cant speak for everyone , but while i was pregnant people gave me so so so much unsolicited advice , it felt like i could explode !

Im a very stubborn independent women haha so this was very difficult for me ( and the raging hormones did not help)

Some of it was nice and helpful and others was just plain crazy , like ;

“You must sleep now , because you wont get time once the baby is here” – firstly , it was my first baby so this didn’t really sink in for me , and i was just so stressed and excited that resting was just impossible.

“You must co sleep , you must breastfeed , you must use these nappies , you must give your baby water to sleep trough , you must you must you must ” the list goes on and on , and quite frankly , this is so overwhelming for a new mother because every single person has a different opinion on a topic.

My view on this is do what works for you and your baby , and do this unapologetically ! Every baby is so so different and so is the mom , dont do it because you feel everyone else is so therefore you must as well , follow that powerful gut instinct to the very end 👌🏻

Most important is have a few mom friends (or in my case one haha) who’s opinions and views you trust , just so that you dont feel too alone through all this !

Till next time


Daddy’s Girl

Does it ever happen to you that you spend hours calming down your screaming baby and dad walks in , takes her for 2 mins and boom , shes asleep !

That right there just frustrates the hell out of me 🤣😜

But seriously , men think that because we stay home with them and dont work we cant be tired … uhh i have two degrees , always worked full time and even stayed up the night before partying , and still i have NEVER been this tired in my life !!

Its not just the night feeds that make me tired , its the consistency of it all , the fact that im never alone , never have time to do anything and the fact that she ALWAYS wakes up or screams when im about to eat or go to the toilet 🤣

I seriously dont know how moms with twins do this 🙈

Men will just never fully understand what a toll this takes emotionally ! And all while still trying to fulfill all the other roles im your life – wife , daughter , friend .

Salute to all the tired moms out there 👏🏻 (and those plotting their husbands death during a sleep deprivation stretch )