5 minutes |The Parent Time Zone

Don’t you just see time differently since you’ve become a parent ?

5 minutes used to be just that , now however , if my baby cries for 5 minutes it feels like FOREVER ! When I have been rocking her for 5 minutes and she is still not asleep , it feels like its been hours !

On the other hand , becoming a mother also makes you appreciate time more , you had to wait to get pregnant , you had to wait 9 months to meet your baby .

My baby is only 15 weeks old , 15 weeks in my life used to fly by , now , I cant imagine a time that she wasn’t here , 15 weeks feels like the largest chunk of my life , and the most important !

I find myself thinking; what did I do with all my time before Paige was born ? 😜


Hugs And Kisses

I stuggle with affection, this is a very hard topic as it is somewhat personal.

I studied psychology and yet I cant tell you why i struggle be to affectionate towards my husband , or other people for that matter . And as luck would have it , I married someone who shows love through physical affection and needs it in return .

This has taught be a lot and I am much better than I used to be , but it is still hard sometimes , don’t get me wrong , I also like a hug every now and then , and a kiss and all the rest . I just don’t like the incessant hand holding and cuddling .

It honestly feels like I cant breathe when someone is in my personal space the whole time .

Weirdly enough I honestly struggled being pregnant , it felt like the baby was on top of me (which she was haha) but I got used to it and even ended up enjoying it towards the end (I don’t miss it though haha)

Since becoming a mother I have been feeling quite insecure about this, and I have been scared to pass it on to my child , I was scared that I don’t show enough affection towards her because I don’t know how much she would need to feel safe and secure and loved if that makes sense .

I now shower her with so much love and affection , just to be sure she has enough , haha , she will probably end up being the biggest mommies girl in the world ! 😍

I guess what I am trying to say is that we grow , we see and admit our shortcomings the older we get and work on them , changing is not seen as a negative thing but somewhat of a necessity to be a good mother .

My baby girl is only 15 weeks old and motherhood has changed me so much already , for the better ! 👌🏻

Ps. Picture of my baby girl ! I mean , how can you not cuddle that face ? 😜😘

Happy Husband Happy Life

Being a new mom takes up A LOT of your time …

And not just that , you tend to voluntarily give it up to your little bundle.

This affected my marriage on every level ; little conversations about our days disappeared because its bath time, intimacy disappeared because , well, you are way to tired to even brush your hair , let alone feel sexy.

One word … HORMONES ! (The crazy mood swings)

The sleep deprivation is a whole other ball game .. you both seem to crack under the pressure you put on yourself and you end up fighting about him looking at you funny ! 🤣

The key is to breathe and let it pass , give each other space to adapt to this whole new world of being a parent because its HUGE the first time , for both of you , and in different ways.

Finding myself in this new role, I had to consciously make an effort to give some of my time to my marriage, to sit and listen and just chat again, this is why bedtime is so important in our house, and we stick by it because it means that we have time together.

Who said being a wife and a mother is easy ?


Full time Mommy

I find myself conflicted about being a mother sometimes , on the one hand I am so happy to stay home with my smoo , and on the other I wish I could go back to work or pursue my psychology career .

The lodge I manage is a mere 100 or so meters from our home , so I am lucky enough to be able to do both , or am I ?

Like today for example; I went there , ready to work and it gets busy , which I LOVE ! I love being busy, and then , paige starts crying so I have to leave .

For the first time since she was born I wished I had a nanny just to take a break !

In our area though , because its a rural village there is no daycare … so I will be looking after her until she goes to school and I cant help but feel that I am missing out on so much …

Don’t get me wrong , I am so blessed to have her and I adore her , and I wouldn’t trade her for ANYTHING , but I am still only human at the end of the day !

Have any of you gone through this ?


Daddy’s Girl

Does it ever happen to you that you spend hours calming down your screaming baby and dad walks in , takes her for 2 mins and boom , shes asleep !

That right there just frustrates the hell out of me 🤣😜

But seriously , men think that because we stay home with them and dont work we cant be tired … uhh i have two degrees , always worked full time and even stayed up the night before partying , and still i have NEVER been this tired in my life !!

Its not just the night feeds that make me tired , its the consistency of it all , the fact that im never alone , never have time to do anything and the fact that she ALWAYS wakes up or screams when im about to eat or go to the toilet 🤣

I seriously dont know how moms with twins do this 🙈

Men will just never fully understand what a toll this takes emotionally ! And all while still trying to fulfill all the other roles im your life – wife , daughter , friend .

Salute to all the tired moms out there 👏🏻 (and those plotting their husbands death during a sleep deprivation stretch )