Saturday Night fever

Did you ever think that you would enjoy just doing nothing so much ?

Since Paige was born , all I do is look forward to her bedtime haha ! I adore her and enjoy our time together so much , but I find myself missing the simple things; the listening to loud music , the watching a movie uninterrupted, going out for a movie or dinner, the things I took for granted before having a baby 🤰🏼

My husband and I do our best to spend time together when she goes to bed and to do something that we otherwise would not during the day. Although sometimes you are just too tired 💤

Before you have kids , people always tell you to enjoy each other first , take a few years and get to know each other because after you have children , you come second and you wont have time for any of that for quite a few years, boy were they right !

We were only married 4 months when we got pregnant , and although this experience so early on has made our bond stronger , it has surely been hard on our marriage as well , we are still getting to know each other , and what better way to do that than to put your marriage through intense pressure early on 🙈🤣

Everyone’s story is unique , but I love ours the most ! ❤️


Baby Sense

So in South Africa , a book was published called “baby sense”; this book basically discusses stimulation and overstimulation in babies and what not to do.

The book revolves around specific allowed awake times for each age , as well as the usual dark room, limited playtime, and the “put your baby to sleep drowsy but awake”.

Although this book has helped a lot with establishing sleep patterns , Paige is 4 months old now , and according to the book she is only allowed to stay awake for 90 minutes between naps.

HAHA …. that just does not work for her , she sometimes stays awake for 2 hours or only half an hour between naps , and I have tried EVERYTHING to try and stick to that 90 minutes .

This to me just proves once again that every baby is different and every mom is different, and what works for the one does not work for the other one .

This is especially confusing for new mothers , because we tend to take any advice where we can to prepare ourselves and when it doesn’t work; we immediately think that it must be us that is doing something wrong.

Don’t get me wrong , I still do everything I read and ask what other mothers did , but I guess what changed for me was that; if it didn’t work , I knew it wasn’t something I am doing wrong or that I am failing as a mother , my baby is just different 👌🏻

I find it amazing how mothers tend to stick together , you can go up to a mother in a supermarket and ask her something and she will just be so helpful and give advice freely ! I find this new community I am apart of amazing ! 💜

So to all the mommies out there struggling , keep on keeping on !


Sleep is for the weak

I love sleep, before I was pregnant i would sleep in till about 10 am on weekends easily ! 

Obviously that has changed since my baby girl was born .. her name is Paige by the way.

She sleeps well enough at night compared to other stories I have heard, and my husband really does help a lot, yet I am still tired, like all the time, why is that ?

She takes cat naps during the day , for like 10 mins, 15 if we are having a good day , and at night about 5-6 hours the first stretch before drinking her milk. Now , when i tell this to people they go “at least she sleeps at night” – which is so true I know , but hold on a second…. shes 3 months old, which means she cant do much by herself just yet and needs constant stimulation, so that means that I hardly ever get time to do anything around the house or for myself or work wise ( I manage a lodge). 

Its exhausting, you tend to forget about yourself in the process because you have this tiny human to look after and to “entertain” between cat naps.

I sometimes glance at myself in the mirror as i walk passed and realize that i haven’t even brushed my hair or teeth for that matter.

Even as I am typing this I am doing so one handed and rocking her pram with the other hand , just hoping that she will maybe have a nap so that i can correct all my spelling mistakes in here 😛 

There we go , she’s asleep ! yay 😛 

Where were we, oh yes ! see, the lack of sleep even makes me forgetful and makes it hard to concentrate on anything , there is only so much coffee you cant drink (trust me I have tried) 

I am so glad i started this blog, I would recommend it for any mother who loves writing and reading, even if no one reads it, its an outlet, a diary of sorts, a place to plot down your feelings and thoughts and frustrations without being judged and scolded for it by your family or friends (I sometimes even feel like my dog is judging me for the things I think and feel sometime) .

If any of you are reading this and have ever felt the same way .. give me a shout ! 

ps. pic of my baby girl just to show how worth it this all is img_3622


Cesarean Section | The ins and Outs 🙈

Today I want to share my experience with you guys , and give some pointers on what to expect !

Firstly I chose to have a c section , in South Africa you can do that , my reasons were the fact that I lived 3 hours from the nearest proper hospital , my sister wanted to be here for the birth and she lives in Australia , oh and I didn’t want to do natural labour ! The whole thing just scares me to death .

The scariest part for me was the whole being awake thing … I have been in for operations before so that part didnt scare me , needless to say I was not awake for these ! 🙈

Above me on the table were these huge lights and they reflected haha , so I could see EVERYTHING , it was one of those “I cant look away” scenarios!

The placing of the catheter….. oh my word , I have never been that naked in my life !! Lol

I started shivering so much that I couldnt speak … and I started freaking out a little , the moment and the whole experience just was too big at that moment , but they had amazing staff and everyone talked to me and calmed me down .

The moment Paige came out and they showed her to me …..

That moment made everything worthwhile, the being uncomfortable for 9 months , the weight gain , the countless bladder infections, the mood swings , the not drinking wine, the fights , all of it was worth it and my life changed forever !

The pain afterward was manageable , and the pain meds were awesome (since I only had panado for 9 months) haha .

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is so hectic and scary but oh so worth it !

I am inlove with my baby girl !

Ps. Pic of this amazing moment

5 minutes |The Parent Time Zone

Don’t you just see time differently since you’ve become a parent ?

5 minutes used to be just that , now however , if my baby cries for 5 minutes it feels like FOREVER ! When I have been rocking her for 5 minutes and she is still not asleep , it feels like its been hours !

On the other hand , becoming a mother also makes you appreciate time more , you had to wait to get pregnant , you had to wait 9 months to meet your baby .

My baby is only 15 weeks old , 15 weeks in my life used to fly by , now , I cant imagine a time that she wasn’t here , 15 weeks feels like the largest chunk of my life , and the most important !

I find myself thinking; what did I do with all my time before Paige was born ? 😜