Where Has The Time Gone || A Feeling Of Nostalgia

I look at my baby girl, who turns 5 months soon , and wonder how did we get here so fast ? Just the other day we were so excited to meet her , and here we are …

Those first few months seem like a blur when I look back , I don’t know how I used to get up every two hours to pump and feed her , while still recovering from a c-section !?

Those first few months just ARE overwhelming, looking back now , I wasn’t even sure of what I was doing most of the time , I just dreaded the crying , so I tried everything to avoid it .

I wish I took more time to enjoy her and stress less , but I guess seeing it that way doesn’t make sense , I mean , you just are so so emotional and stressed with your first one and so unsure of yourself , but you have to go through this phase to grow and learn .

Thats why I think your second child is so much easier – you just feel more confident in your abilities , and knowing what to do , and knowing the signs of something wrong with your baby !

On the other hand , I have also heard that people say you forget so much between the first and the second one !?

Is this true ?

Share your opinion with me !


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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

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