There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Seeing Your Child Smile

A smile from your child is just validation to us that we are not doing too bad !

It means the world when you are down or doubting yourself as a mother , and I know I am not alone , we all feel like we are failing at one point or another .

As our children go through different phases , it brings new challenges with it every time , for me , as a first time mom , every time something new happens , I go , what the hell ? 🤣

Just when you think you got this whole thing down , and you got your routine and your baby is such a dream , boom 💥 growth spurt in your face and everything goes to %#^* ! LOL

Being a mom is honestly the most amazing thing ever , you kind of grow up with your baby , you mature as time goes by because you have to be the strong one , you cant afford to have mood-swings every now and then because your baby feels it (don’t get me wrong , I am only human and I still get pms) but you somehow push it aside and go on with life , because well, you have to , you have a tiny human that depends on you and that deserves to be protected against the outside world for as long as possible !


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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

6 thoughts on “There is Nothing More Beautiful Than Seeing Your Child Smile”

  1. My 6 week old granddaughter just began giving her parents real smiles….so adorable! I wish I could witness them in person but live 2800 miles away. Photos will have to do for now, but you are right, those baby smiles are some of the best!

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    1. Aww that is just the sweetest ! Those first smiles are the BEST ! So sorry you live so far away , its always sad , but when you get together you spend such quality time ! 💜


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