Sleep Training Day/Night One …. Kill Me Now !

Okay so you guys read my post on sleep training and getting a sleep consultant about a week ago , and we did , we had our skype meeting with her and she is lovely , I honestly believe that this whole process will work and am quite excited for the end results.

That being said, wow ! What a first night , chaos chaos chaos and then some crying; is basically how I would describe our first night.

In short we had to change the following;

  • Take her dummy away because she associates it with sleep , and wakes up in the middle of the night and needs it to fall back asleep (wow you feel like a bad mom when hearing this, because I was the one that kept forcing the dummy on her when she must sleep and never let her suck her hand or self soothe EVER)
  • Change her bedtime to later – which basically changes her whole routine and you can only imagine how intense that is for a 5 month old
  • Feed her outside her room
  • Have bedtime routine at all naps (read her a story sing, massage) (whatever works for you)

This whole process so far has been so amazing and so helpful and its only day one, in my marriage as well, when there are two parents that are equally involved in raising your baby , things tend to get a bit heated when you disagree on something when it comes to her.

So having a third party tel us how to fix it and how to go about changing things so that Paige can sleep better, really helps, and we don’t fight about anything because it is not our personal opinions that come into play.

Just to put it out there – this sleep training that we are doing does not involve “letting your baby cry it out” or leaving the room while she is crying at any point , but it does involve crying , but we pick her up and comfort her and then put her back down in order to teach her how to fall asleep by herself!

The first day has been intense , and I am sure that we will still have a few obstacles to overcome in the coming week or two , but today I am positive that we will make it through this 🙂


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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

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