And So It All Starts … ||Marriage

So my husband and I have always eventually ended up on the same page with issues in life , we respect our differences (mostly) and we always try to end up with a compromise that we are both happy with.

HOWEVER , since Paige was born the disagreements started to become more frequent , never about anything other than her , how we put her to bed and get her to sleep , her dummy , her eating , who has to get up , and the list goes on and on !

It is amazing how such a small little human can come and change literally everything in your life , we are going through a period where we are struggling to get her into a sleeping schedule , so my whole day revolves around getting her to nap , and yes you guessed it , most of the time she just laughs at me in her cot 😩🤣

And yes that means all we talk about is her and how we can do things differently , and off course the moment my husband says anything I feel offended and feel like he is saying I am a bad mother ….. its a vicious cycle !

Thats why we decided on getting a sleeping consultant , that way , its a third party telling us what we are doing wrong and how to fix it , and no one gets offended 🤪


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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

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