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So , there are so many different opinions and thoughts on whether to allow your pets around your baby …..

For those of you who read my blog , you know by now that my motto is “Do You” I honestly believe that whatever works for you ; go for it ! Unapologetically!

We have four dogs (yes four haha, and 2 birds) and our house is always open as we live on the same property as our business , so keeping the dogs outside is close to impossible 🙈

Only our golden retriever sleeps inside , so she is basically the only one I really allow close to Paige , as I know she is soft natured and cleaner than the others 🤣

She has not really showed much interest in Paige so far , but has given her one lick in passing lately , which I think is the cutest thing I have ever seen 😍

Look, I don’t allow her to lick her all over or lay on top of her or something like that , but I don’t keep her out of the baby room and I don’t shout at her the moment she comes close to Paige , to me , Roxy is a huge part of my family , and I know she was my baby before Paige was born and I know she must feel that things are different now , and I try my best to still give her attention .

It honestly breaks my heart when I hear about people starting to treat their pets differently because of a new baby or neglect them , it sure isn’t easy being a mom and still having to fulfill the other roles in your life , so cheers to the moms that try to have it all ! 🍻


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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

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