Feb is Best | My Journey as First Time Mom

Breastfeeding sounded so easy to me , “It comes naturally” everyone told me , boy were they wrong !

After my baby girl was born , one of the nurses tried to show me how to do it , she told me to use nipple shields and we still didn’t come right , the next day , no one helped again , and I attempted it by myself a few times , no luck . They ended up gibing her formula the night.

They day after I was discharged , she started screaming , I knew she was hungry and I couldn’t get her to latch , luckily I had a tin of formula at home that I could use and she ate ! Thank the heavens ! 🙏🏻

After this I decided to pump, this was a nightmare !! My milk cane in luckily , but she fed every two hours, I would feed her , put her to bed , then pump for half an hour , then sleep for an hour , the repeat the whole process over again ! 🙈

After my doctor prescribed a anti anxiety medication my milk supply increased and I could at least freeze some of it , this made it a bit easier on me but still took up a lot of my time and caused so much stress.

When she was about 5 weeks old , I watched a youtube video on latching , and it was like a light that came on ! Aha ! And guess what ? I got her to latch ! Yay !

It went well for about 2 weeks , then I had to leave my medication , and overnight my milk was dried up , poof , just gone ! Luckily I had some frozen milk still left and I could put her on formula slowly .

It all worked out and she is healthy and so happy !!

I get jealous of I hear of other moms that came right so easily , and breastfeed until 2 years , my breastfeeding journey ended way too quickly.

I am sharing this experience with you guys because I know there is a lot of moms out there that feel the same way, and maybe ashamed of it as I was at first .

Do You ! As long as you and your baby are happy and healthy , what more can you ask for ? We put waaay too much pressure on ourselves to do things a certain way .


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Im 27 years old and live in Ganyesa North West South Africa. Married to an amazing husband and have a sweet little baby girl :)

2 thoughts on “Feb is Best | My Journey as First Time Mom”

  1. I agree. I was only able to breastfeed for the first 3 months while my little girl was in the NICU (preemie). But once she started eating more I couldnt keep up. And then when she was discharged and came home the stress and exhaustion virtually depleted what little supply I had. I felt like a failure at first because while she was in the NICU that was literally the only thing I could do for her other than pray. But she is thriving on formula now too.

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